My Midwifery Equipment


This web page catalogues some of the equipment that I bring to births.

This can be helpful to birthing families, so that they understand
that I am equipped to deal with many situations.

It can also be helpful to insurance companies, so that they understand
what I'm billing for when I file a claim for equipment rental.


Fetal Monitoring Equipment (clockwise, starting at bottom left): baby movement indicator, fetal heart monitor, contraction monitor, belts, Huntleigh Fetal Assist continuous electronic fetal monitor, bottle Doppler gel, Tria waterproof Doppler, Huntleigh waterproof Dopper w/digital display.

Basic Birth Equipment (clockwise, more or less, starting at bottom left): gauze pads, KY lubricant, umbilical clamp, injectable pitocin, basic instrument pack (umbilical scissors, Averbach cord clamper, Hazeltine cord clamp), smelling salts, Mem-Cot, sterile gloves pack, water-soluble lubricant, oil lubricant, syringe for collecting cord blood.

Extra Emergency Equipment - rarely used - (left to right): Extra-Long Sterile Surgical Gloves for manual placenta removal, 2 ring forceps, mosquito forceps and episiotomy scissors.

First steps in Neonatal Resuscitation (clockwise, starting at upper left):: Heating pad, sterile pack of baby blankets with extra newborn cap, Res-Q-Vac suction pump w/sterile tubes and mucous trap, DeLee suction device w/mucous trap, blue bulb syringe.  I didn't feel like hauling the oxygen tanks and the oxygen masks in from the car for these photos, but they are routinely hauled inside at every birth and set up, just in case.

Extra Baby Emergency Equipment - rarely used -: Foil Baby Bunting pack for transporting baby in cold weather, bottles of sterile water and 5% Glucose water, Foley cup (at bottom) for giving baby emergency fluids without using a bottle.