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I posted a response to the heavy mother and homebirth thread. I said we did not have a story yet, as the baby is not due for 2 months.

In listening to other people in our Bradley class, I realized what a story we already have.

In listening them describe the problems they have had in the past, just as we did, and hearing how they are being treated now when trying to express the desire they have to avoid unnecessary interventions to medical personnel, brings it all back.

It is the difference of night and day.

They were talking about birth plans and how they had been received. One couple talked to the CNM for an hour about the plan they had, then when she had agreed and echoed everything they said, they asked her what her schedule was, and what the odds were that she would be there then they came in to deliver, her answer as I remember it being related.

"I have some time off scheduled and there are several of us on call, so maybe 20% unless you get to 40 weeks and we have to induce you, then I will surely be there"

It had all gone in one ear and out the other and slathered in false placation.

Other people talked about how they were going to try and avoid the mandated IV.

There were questions on how to remove some items from the general hospital consent form and up to what point the hospital would deem the mother of sound mind and request consent or accept a refusal of any procedure, the husband has absolutely no legal say and some doctors are pulling "The baby has rights too and we say what the baby needs and will get a court order if necessary." Routine.

People somehow just fall into accepting being treated as children by hospital personnel. NOBODY else I deal with as an adult seems to think they can treat me as a child.

How rare is it that a doctor will sit down with a mother in labour and say,
This is the situation,
These are the risks of that situation
These are our options,
These are the risks of each option, and then ask what YOU would like to do?

This is EXACTLY how I demand to be treated by everyone else I deal with, from the mechanic to a repairman to a stock broker.

Doctors tend to simply make an order, and it is carried out, PERIOD.

What brought this up, is that we offered to bring in the birth plan we wrote last time. In trying to remember where it may be, I realized we had not dug it out this time, because we DON'T Need it.

These things simply were not an issue with our midwife and a home birth, we were not at odds with our care provider, and if she proposes an intervention, we can trust it is necessary.

The peace of mind and lack of fear of unnecessary interventions and degrading procedures or treatment for the sake of "Policy" or procedures does not exist.

The difference is incredible.

This is the reason to stay at home, the way we see it.

We saw a promo video from a local hospital about the new birthing suites. A statement by one of the doctors shows perfectly the absolute lack of any understanding of the homebirth movement. He said "I don't know why anyone would choose to birth at home, our suites look just like a bedroom"

This stupid statement was followed by an even better one. "Have you ever seen an L&D room after a birth, it looks like someone shot a horse in there"

The idea that homebirth is about wallpaper and chintz curtains is a joke. Even if it were true, that my home would look like the Manson family had dropped by, after the delivery and I had to paint and recarpet the ENTIRE house, it would be worth every penny.

From my standpoint this IS a large part of the story of homebirth.

Even if you are heavy, or had Iatrogenic "Problems" before, find all the info you can to make an informed choice, and believe in yourself. Find a care provider that will believe in you, and you can honestly trust, it is worth the effort.

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