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Four Posterior Births - Plans Next One As Waterbirth

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Everyone's experience is different but I have labored with four posterior births, and I'm due to have another here in about six weeks.

My first was a hospital birth terrible experience all hooked up flat on my back with horrendous back labor and they wouldn't let me move. I felt Michelle turn in my birth canal and birth normally. 3 day's with pains 5 hours hard labor. administered demorol and pitocin.

My second was born at home with a wonderful midwife. I had back labor again but not unberable pain I've had menstruations with worst pain. I delivered lying on my stomach (I have pictures to prove it).In this position my wonderful supporting husband and assisting cousin could rub my back and do some presher points.It was an easy birth. Elizabeth's birth was 4 hours from first to last pain.no med's.

My third. It was depressing to start out with back labor but I accepted it, I labored walking and then kneeling on all fours while my cousin placed frozen peas and corn on my lower back.This was a hard one I never felt Josue turn.15 hours of labor at least five of which was hard. this was a hand/head presentation consequently a floating baby. But he was finally born and I'm so glad we were at home because in a hospital it would have been much different I think.

My fourth back labor again by this time it didn't surprise me I labored in the water most of the tome and this was heavenly. My husband was on a busness trip and baby came early by two weeks and I was having a friend video tape so he wouldn't miss anything so when it came to actual birth I choose to get out of the water to make more room for the video taper. Had I to do it over I would never have goten out. While I was out of the water the back labor came back and we went back to the kneeling on all fours while my friend placed frozen peas and corn on my lower back.

Now with my fifth We are planning a water birth and I think you are very smart to consider it too.

What I'm saying is you can try all the things I tried but don't be surprised if your inner self already knows what is best for you and you get in a good position and have a little back pain deliver fine.

It's still better than the hospital and you can use cold or ice to rub your lower back take frozen vegies or prepare styro foam cups filled with water then frozen then just tear down the top edge this helps the person giving the rub not to get too cold. One caution about ice: it can burn and you won't know it till after, a good rule ice for 10 mon then 10 min off but during the last contactions every three min try to five min on and five off. I had a red ice stain on my back for 10 days and sore hips felt bruised from very hard massage on my lower back. but it sure felt good at the time blocking an amazing amount of pain.

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