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Hospital Disregarded Wishes

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My first two births were both vaginal. The first birth went as 'natural' as most hospital births. The only interventions were an amniotomy and an epis. My husband was there and a terrific labor support person - he could be a doula ;-) My best friend was also present and had gone to childbirth classes with me. She was very squeamish and to this day would rather have ME have her kids for her :-(

With our second, I was aware of the harmful effects of pitocin and avoided it like the plague. They kept asking me every few minutes if I had changed my mind. Same with the amniotomy. The epis. was done during an exam. He asked if I had had one previously then %% snip %%! I had signed papers at their request and verbally told them repeatedly that I did not want these interventions, but they won! The pit was the worst part - the dr. looked at his watch and laughed and said I'd be outta here and back in the recovery room by dinnertime I had violent, uncontrollable cont. contractions until our daughter came (in less than an hr!) When I was ready to push they told me to wait because the SOB (as I personally refer to this particular OB) was no where to be found.

Nie Wieder (Never Again!)

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