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How to Get Copies of Military Medical/Technical Reports

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You can get a list of [largely unpublished] military technical reports on obstetrics, gynecology, childbirth, pregnancy and related topics. Many of these reports have been locked away for various bureaucratic reasons and have not been put into the public domain.

Here are some subject keywords with which you can obtain a LIST of several dozen military technical reports on those and related subjects from the Defense Technical Information Center, a government agency. [see below]

gynecology pregnancy obstetrics childbirth birth

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not bother using the DTIC web site--in a nutshell, it is worthless because the web site omits most of the two million technical reports in the DTIC collection. [Most of these reports are NOT, repeat NOT, repeat NOT in the NTIS collection, and have been unavailable to the public.] Send a letter instead--you will get much better results.

The fee is likely to be free or only a few bucks. You probably want to include a statement in the letter such as *I agree to pay reasonable fees associated with this request. Please notify me if the cost will exceed $35.*, so that they won't delay the processing of the request. Remember, they WILL try to dissuade you from asking for such a list. If they send you a letter, and you do not respond, they will withdraw your request and you will not get your information.

Here is a form letter to use for your request:

To:    Defense Technical Information Center
       Attn:  DTIC-RSM [Kelly D. Akers, FOIA Manager]
       8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 0944
       Fort Belvoir, VA  22060-6128  USA
Phone:  703-767-9194
Dear Ms. Akers:

I request the following records under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act:

A computer generated technical report bibliography [for all computerized index years] of reports on the subject[s]/keyword[s] of:

________________ OR _________________ OR ________________ OR

_______________ OR _________________ OR _______________

This is a request for DTIC records, please don't forward my request to NTIS. Please include both classified and unclassified records in your search. If any of the records are classified, please review them for release, or the release of nonsensitive portions.

I am an individual, noncommercial requester and this request is not being made for commercial purposes. [OR YOU MIGHT INSTEAD INDICATE DIFFERENTLY IF YOU ARE A COMMERCIAL REQUESTER, OR AN EDUCATIONAL OR SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION, OR A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MEDIA] I also agree to pay up to $35 for reasonable fees associated with this request.


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