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your birth story reminds me so much of my first, but mine ended up very differently. i labored for three days with progress only to 3 cm. i was unable to lie down because the contractions were unbearable in that position. so i sat up while everyone told me that the "real" labor was yet to come. i puked every bit of food that was force fed to me and was just generally disappointed in myself. we finally ended up transporting to the hospital, where with a bit of pitocin and some fentanyl to help me sleep, my baby was born after 3 hours of pushing- which i still cannot believe i made it through.

when i became pregnant 3 years later i had a lot of issues to deal with. i was afraid of having a long and grueling labor again, and afraid of the hospital. one of my midwives reminded me that i had to really trust that my body knew what to do. i just gave up all expectations of what would happen, and put all my energy into relaxing. I practiced this using relaxation tapes throughout my pregnancy. during labor, after a long walk, i sat down on my couch and did mot move for the next 4 hours (except to pee). it took all the energy i ad to concentrate on relaxing so that my cervix felt free to open up. it worked, and after 4 hours, of "real" labor, i easily gave birth to my second son, at home, outside, in a pool of water. it was a truly magical experience.

i think that low or no expectations of what would happen, plus extreme relaxation are what helped me. plus, i had to trust my body. if i did it, i know you can. face your fears, you can overcome them!

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