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For midwives who use homeopathy in their practice, I highly recommed Patty Brennan's Guide to Homeopathic Remedies for the Birth Bag, Fourth Edition.  Also available in Canada.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth, by Richard Moskowitz MD

Synthetic Bedside Repertory for Gestation, Childbirth and Childbed, by Jan Willem Jansen

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth, by Miranda Castro

Homeopathy for Birthing: A simplified guide for mothers, midwives and other professionals, by Jana Shiloh, M.A.
[Jana Shiloh is available for phone consultations at (520)282-9362, (or as someone pointed out 282-XENA!) ]

If you have difficulty locating any of the books mentioned, The Minimum Price at (800) 663-8272 in Blaine, WA carries them, as well as most other books on homeopathy. Their service is quite rapid and I have yet to have any problem with them.

Items in the category  Homeopathy for Women from .minimum.com

Women's Resources from Homeopathic Education Services

Pregnancy and childbirth from the Society of Homeopaths in England.  They have some related pages on this same site, so keep looking around.

Some Christian sects are suspicious of homeopathy.  A Christian's Guide to Homeopathy by Alan Crook addresses their concerns and demonstrates that the use of homeopathy is supported by Christian teachings. [Book available from minimum.com]

Generally useful book recommendations and other homeopathy resources from Real homeopathy in Mountain View, where I live.

Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors (APND)

ABC of complementary medicine. Homoeopathy. [Full Text Article]
Vickers A, Zollman C.
BMJ. 1999 Oct 23;319(7217):1115-8.

Working as a medical homoeopath - a fun article about how a British GP incorporated homoeopathic remedies into her practice.
BMJ 2003;326:S151 ( 3 May )

"I have become increasingly committed to homoeopathy, simply because I found that it works. It just works"

Native Remedies - specially formulated to offer a complete solution for holistic health and wellness.

A Question of Tone: Guidelines for Using Caulophylum and Other Homeopathic Remedies in Pregnancy from Miranda Castro's site

Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky, PhD provides an in-depth and exciting account of the history, philosophy, science, and experience of homeopathic medicine. At the core of Impossible Cure is the amazing story of how the author's son was cured of autism with homeopathy. It also includes dozens of other testimonials of homeopathic cures for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Impossible Cure will serve as an invaluable guide to anyone interested in learning more about this intriguing form of health care. You can read an excerpt, Max's Story.

National Center for Homeopathy - the leading open-membership organization supporting and promoting Homeopathy in the United States

Pregnancy and Labor: Getting Off to a Good Start by Dana Ullman, M.P.H.

(Excepted from Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century, North Atlantic Books)

A Homeopathic Perspective on Women's Health - full text chapter by Dana Ullman, M.P.H.
Homeopathic Educational Services - web pages of Dana Ullman, M.P.H., author of Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants
He has a great selection of Natural Treatment Protocols - User-Friendly Homeopathy for Common Ailments

A Condensed History of Homeopathy by Dana Ullman

If you're already familiar with homeopathy, you can go straight to the standard texts:




Welcome to Remedy Guides Homeopathy System

Remedy Guides

The Mommy Kit — Homeopathy for Prego Mom and Labor Time by Eileen Nauman

Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency from Erika Price, DHM

Birth With Sol has a good selection of condition-specific homeopathics useful in pregnancy.

Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccination

Handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunizations - Susan CURTIS

Homeopathic Immunization Protocol. Its easier than getting shots. from Access Natural Healing

Research Into Natural Immunisation - research by Dr Isaac Golden

PROPHYLAXIS IN HOMOEOPATHY - THE ORIGIN OF HOMOEO-PROPHYLAXIS, i.e. using homeopathy instead of vaccination

Vaccination, the Immune System and Homeopathy - The homeopathic alternative to vaccination

Vaccination Detox (Homeopathic) - Vaccination Detox is a homeopathic remedy designed to relieve symptoms that are caused by minor vaccination side-effects.

You can get 200C Homeopathic Remedies from Homeopathy Overnight, and they have online shopping!  They carry Dolisos and Boericke & Tafel brands.  800-276-4223

Study Boosts Homeopathy

There are plans in progress for a Homeopathic Hotline for Labor - a hotline that recommends homeopathy instead of common pharmaceuticals! It is Boston Regional Medical Center, and Dr. Ibstein is the ob/gyn.

Homeopathy for Cholera Epidemic in London in 1854

This may be of interest ........ During 1854 there was a major cholera epidemic in London, and all hospital beds were desperately needed. The London Homeopathic Hospital was also used to treat the cholera victims, but they received homeopathic treatment alone.

When the official statistics of cases, cures and deaths, were collected and collated to be released in Parliament, the Medical Council refused to include the stats from the Homeopathic Hospital., despite the report having been made and investigated by Dr Maclouchlin, the official, non-homeopathic medical inspector.

Questions were raised in Parliament as to why these figures had been suppressed, and as a result the figures were later officially published....... the combined cholera death rate in the other hospitals was 51.8 % but in the Homeopathic Hospital, the cholera death rate was 16.4 %. ALL the cases had to have been certified as true cholera cases before inclusion in any govt. reports.

Accepting that this sounds like a bit of a cover up attempt at the time. But as there were no treats for cholera in 1854 other than oral fluids and tender loving care (TLC), the likeliest reason would be that the Royal Homeopathic patients recieved more/better TLC. Given the nature of the institution and that it was probably a rather middle-class institution unlike the other public hospitals this is entirely plausible.

Anyway it's a long way short of a RCT! RCTs weren't invented until mid- 20th century!

20 Homeopathic Remedies That Every Home Should Not Be Without - By Amy L. Lansky, PhD

Influenza by
David Little 

Did you know that certain substances can act as antidotes to homeopathic remedies? Coffee, mint, menthol, eucalyptus and tea tree oil should be avoided while taking homeopathic remedies. And when you take a remedy, do not put anything else in your mouth for 15 minutes before or after so you'll get the full benefit.

How to Find a Homeopath

How to Find a Homeopath from The National Center for HomepathySearch the NCH Directory of Homepathic Practitioners.


Products & Services directory from The National Center for Homeopathy maintains a list of

Hahnemann Laboratories Inc., aka Hahnemann Labs - They offer Home & First Aid Kits, as well as Professional Kits, really cool Dispensing Kits or Custom Remedies.  Here's their introduction to homeopathy - About Homepathy.

Hyland's (aka Standard Homeopathic Company)

Liddell Laboratories has a great line of spray homeopathics.

Washington Homeopathic Procucts manufactures and sells a complete line of homeopathic products, including single remedies, combinations, remedy kits, ointments, and books.  They also sell homeopathic "chords", combinations of the same remedies in multiple potencies.


Boiron - Here's their introduction to homeopathy - Getting to know homeopathy.
[Note - Boiron took over Dolisos on 7/1/05.]

1-800 HOMEOPATHY offers an Advanced Midwifery Kit, designed by British nurse-midwife, M.J. Hanafin, RN, CNM, NP, CHom, DHom

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY KITS from Natural Health Supply - a2zhomeopathy.com

The Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy

Helios is a British company that will ship worldwide.

The Homepathy mall has lots of homeopathic reources!

www.vitaminusa.com carries remedies from Newton Homeopathic Labs


I include homeopathic arnica in my standard birth kit. I make sure the parents understand that it is optional, so they don't have to order it if it somehow violates their values, but I tell them that it is almost always helpful postpartum. It's pretty cheap actually - about $6.

I love homeopathic arnica for birthing women; arnica is considered a homeopathic universal (or nearly so?) for all people, and it seems to be especially so for birthing women.  Being considered a "universal" means something like it seems to work for all people, regardless of constitutional types, which is what usually makes homeopathy so tricky.

I recommend it for swelling during pregnancy, for use during labor, and for use postpartum until all the soreness is gone and there's no engorgement or perineal discomfort.

Most wonderfully of all, it seems to make it a lot easier for women to empty their bladders after birth.  This has been a godsend!  I guess it really helps to reduce all the pelvic nd periurethral swelling after the birth.

I use homeopathy conservatively in my practice since I don't have thorough training.  For me, this means that I typically give any remedy only once - if it does the trick, great, we might use it again.  If not, I try something else.

My favorite homeopathy booklet is Patty Brennan's Guide to Homeopathic Remedies for the Birth Bag, Fourth Edition.

Over the years, I've expanded my list of homeopathic remedies to include about 50 of the most likely useful, but Patty's booklet gives a short list that could easily be carried in a small bag.  Or there are some homeopathic kits for midwives already available.

I personally consider homeopathy to be the "medicine" of the 21st century as antibiotics become less effective against resistant microbes, pharmaceuticals become more suspect for their limited effectiveness, and the overall public health declines due to lousy lifestyles, environmental pollution and worldwide stresses.

And . . . while I'm on my soapbox, I'd just like to add that I think it's interesting that although medicine has long ridiculed the homeopathic notion of constitutionally mediated responses to specific remedies, they are now coming to terms with the fact that different people respond differently to different medicines.


I prefer the Hyland brand for babies since it disolves so easily, and I just gently pinch babe's cheeks together into a loose kiss, and place it as close to the cheek pouch as I can.  If there is any contact with mucosa it will work, and according to Betty Idarius breastfeeding will not antidote.  Other ways to administer are placing the remedy in 1/4 cup water, swish it around, then give baby some water in a spoon, or crush the pellet between two spoons, and brush the dust into baby's mouth.

Arnica is great with varicosities also, after SD, and with hemorrhages.  I used it after my C-section, and the staff was amazed at how well someone with a "pendulous abdomen", as we say, healed.  I also like to use Bellis, with is called the Arnica of the abdomen., and is a companion remedy.

I like Betty's book, Miranda Castro is o.k., I use Dana Ullman's Homeopathy for Infants and Children a LOT.  http: like that site.

Prenatal Homeopathy

Nourishing Your Unborn Baby  with homeopathics:

Months 1 and 5 - For pregnant women wishing to nourish and protect their developing baby, one combination remedy program, very popular in Europe, offers help. For months 1 and 5 of pregnancy, a blend of Calcarea fluorica, Magnesium Phosphoricum, and Ferrum Phosphoricum at 6x potency should be taken daily.

Months 2 and 6 - During months 2 and 6 of pregnancy, the 6x potency of the following combination remedy will help to nourish and protect your developing baby: A blend of Calcarea Fluorica, Magnesium Phosphoricum, and Natrum Muriaticum.

Months 3 and 7 - During months 3 and 7 of pregnancy, the 6x potency of the following combination remedy will help to nourish and protect your developing baby: A blend of Calcarea Fluorica, Natrum Muriaticum, and Silicea. Take one dose twice each day.

Months 4 and 8 - During months 4 and 8 of pregnancy, the 6x potency of the following combination remedy will help to nourish and protect the developing baby: A blend of Calcarea Fluorica, Ferrum Phosphoricum, and Silicea.

These remedies are available from Helios the Homoeopathic Pharmacy, among other sources.

Helios also offers a Childbirth Kit - 18 safe gentle and effective remedies for use before, during and after labour. "The main remedies you need before, during and after labour.

Aconite 200•Arnica 200•Bellis Per 200•Calendula 200•
Carbo veg 200•Caulophyllum 200•Chamomilla 200•
Cimicifuga 200•Gelsemium 200•Hypericum 200•
Ipecacuanha 200•Kali Carb 200•Kali Phos 200•Phytolacca 200• Pulsatilla 200•Secale 200•Sepia 200•Staphisagria 200 "

Birth Ease - To help strengthen and tone the female reproductive system in preparation for birth; for pains and pain

Also, Homeopathic Educational Services in Berkeley is now offering a "Childbirth Kit" for $45 - Homeopathic.com

Mother & Child Homeopathic Remedy Kits

Prenatal Homeopathy - [ Dolisos "Childbirth Combo" never got beyond the experimental stage and is no longer available.  Alas.]

Prenatal Herbal/Homeopathic Preparation

Matrigin is a homeopathic combination of Arnica, Pulsatilla, Gelsemium, Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum. I get it from NF Formulas in Oregon, same place I get my prenatal vits.  [Oct., 2004 - I can no longer find this anywhere on the internet - in Nov. 2000 -   Matrigin was available from Elixirs.com for $16.95]

Labor with Homeopathics

Homeopathic Chamomilla is a wonderful pain reliever for labor pains.

Formula 303 by DC Labs is a homeopathic muscle relaxer, which relieves pain and facilitates the progress of labor.  800-251-8182, fax: 615-672-4989

I remember the case of my wife. I gave her for 9 months Phos 12X She could not be bothered to think about it. The result was the baby arrived within 1 hour, while the contractions started only late afternoon after we went for a walk over the cliffs along the coast.

The next morning 10 hours after giving birth she walked through the hospital having a bath and three days later she was back at work. [Ed.: As a midwife, it concerns me that women are encouraged to return to anything like normal duties shortly after birth; the work of pregnancy and birth continues for at least ten days after birth.  There is tremendous energy involved in the uterus returning to a non-pregnant state and in the initiation and continuation of lactation.  Women need to rest, rest, rest to build up their reserves to see them through any episodes of illness that would jeopardize their health and thus their baby's source of nourishment.]

Homeopathy for Recovering from Surgery or Anesthesia

SinEcch™ (pronounced sinn' ekk) is a medicine prepared by Alpine Pharmaceuticals in accord with the FDA's regulations for Homeopathic preparations. Made from the herb  Arnica Montana, SinEcch™ is the only Arnica Montana dosage regimen that is clinically proven to significantly reduce bruising and swelling after surgery.

Take the package of SinECCH according to directions, starting the morning of the surgery if it's scheduled, or when the decision is made to do a cesarean if labor is not progressing.

Post Op:
Hypericum 200C - Take 1/2 hour after the packaged arnica (or with at bedtime)
Staphysagria 200C - 1 dose on first day.  Can repeat every day for pain.
Phosphorus 200C - 1 does every 1/2 hour after surgery x 3 doses to eliminate anesthesia

Homeopathy for Newborns

I'm getting mixed messages on what potency (30c, 200c, etc.) one can use on a newborn.

[From a homepath] As for potency- you use what is needed whether it be a newborn or not. The more serious the situation, the higher the potency. I once worked with a rural midwife over the phone and we saved a baby's life- but not until we gave it Arnica 50m- she did not have a cm or I would have used that. The baby, it turned out, had a ruptured diaphragm and was at least an hour from a hospital. The only symptom we had to go on, besides the blue face and inability to remain oxygenated, was a cold nose and a hot face! Arnica being the ONLY remedy with that symptom.

I was advised to acquire (and did) carbo veg 1M for babies who didn't breathe, and that's about as strong as you can get. I am under the impression that stronger potencies are faster acting and appropriate for birthing situations where you want to see the effect quickly. Am interested to hear more from those with more experience.

"In theory", if I were going to use homeopathy, I would probably use 30c for most pregnancy situations, 200c or 1Ms in most labor situations and definitely a 200c or 1M in a resus situation.

There are a lot higher potencies than 1M but are usually not called for in most acute situations. They are also not available to consumers very easily.

Because science hasn't found a way to "prove" homeopathic theories, and because the basic premise of how homeopathy works is based on the individual person's sensitivity, susceptibility and general health; there are many "lines of thought" in the field of homeopathy of what you "should" or "shouldn't" do. (some will say placebo susceptibility - fine let them believe it, it doesn't hurt anything) It's always best to consult someone with a whole lot of experience for a difficult or long standing problem.

However you can get dramatic reactions in acute situations and that is why it has become so popular among "lay" persons and consumers. There are several good books about using homeopathy in labor which I think is easier to see the remedy picture than in pregnancy. But again, as to the original question, I would use 200s at least in labor.....if I was going to use them at all.

I generally use 30c and 200c potencies for newborns and mothers at birth--rationale being that these mid-range potencies are best for the acute birthing situation. Have been happy with the results. If you use 30c, you may need to repeat it more often to achieve the same results as 200c. I don't think I'd use 1M unless it was the only thing I had on hand.

Also recommend a book by Betty Idarius: The Homeopathic Childbirth Manual, available from Idarius Press, 2-B Lorraine St., Ukiah CA 95482, $18.95.

Indigo essences from Helios are designed to particularly help children.

Family Kits

A family kit is a great way to get a basic set of homeopathic remedies for general family use at a fantastic price.  Here are some:

Dolisos used to make a great homeopathic family kit, but it may be discontinued.  A few sites say they still carry it:

Dr. Feder's site - hdrfeder.com

shopellys.com in Canada

And I see a nice family kit with 40 remedies for $49.65, but I'm not sure that's US dollars.  :-)


Spagyric Homeopathics

 Spagyric Homeopathic Information from Pekana

Learning about Homeopathy

Does anyone know of a good correspondence course for homeopathy? I've been using remedies a lot lately- I had a baby with horrible colic that got better after 3 doses of Colocynthis. Now he doesn't seem to have any pain at all! I want to learn more but don't have time to go back to school- correspondence school seems like a good option for me.

The Clinton school is a good one. You can do what ever line of studying you would like to - it is a little costly.

There are two homeopathic educational correspondence courses that I know of and I've also heard excellent things about both. Unfortunately, since I just moved, I am still unpacking and do not have the information you need readily at hand. However, if you will contact Homeopathic Education Services in Berkeley, CA, they can give you information on how to contact the programs, as they are listed in the HES catalog. HES is owned and operated by Dana Ullman, author of numerous books and monographs on the subject. A terrific homeopath and all-around great guy.


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