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Magic Home Birth - a Midwife's Song

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[ This song is available for download, sung by Judy.  You can listen to this and sing along as you read! There's also an instrumental version.]

In my magic home birth

I sing out my song

Laughing in waves as pains pass thru me

  In my magic home birth way

Alone in my head     `

Surrounded by family, people who love me

And respect me,

  In my magic home birth way

I submit to the pain

At last it is over

Out comes a baby and I hold her

  In my magic home birth way

And the tears just wont stop

Iím shaking and crying

Surprised by the power I've found inside me

      Whisper, come, baby now you will be

      Home in my arms,  Safe as can be  (X3)

      Cause family is so precious to me.

Sit by my side

Iíll tell you the story

How women at home are full of glory

   In my magic home birth way

And youíll cry with me

To relive the wondrous

Feeling of power all around us

Women, Come  now you will be

Home in your home, Safe as can be (X3)

Home in your home.

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