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Medical Necessity for Warm Water Immersion Tub

Practice Variation in Cesarean Rates: Not Due to Maternal Complications
This brief but well-referenced post analyzes cesarean rates relative to differences in maternal diagnoses or pregnancy complexity. On average, the likelihood of cesarean delivery for an individual woman varied between 19 and 48 percent across hospitals.”

Birth attendants often claim that their high cesarean rate is due to their clientele - that they provide care for a lot of high-risk clients.  This analysis shows that:

    Among lower risk women, likelihood of cesarean delivery varied between 8 and 32 percent across hospitals.
    Among higher risk women, likelihood of cesarean delivery varied between 56 and 92 percent across hospitals.
    Hospital variability did not decrease after adjusting for patient diagnoses, socio-demographics, and hospital characteristics.

This shows that practice variation in cesarean rates is real, substantive, and not just a reflection of the mother’s risk level.

Tips for Choosing a Care Provider - great overview! from Henci Goer

The following explanation of medical need, courtesy of Birth & Beyond, Seattle, WA, is provided in order to expedite insurance coverage for the rental of a portable warm water immersion tub.

CPT CODE        E1399
Goods provide    Portable warm water immersion tub
Diagnosis            The mother requires assistance with pain management during labor

Pain management during the birthing process costs the healthcare system between $700.00-$1500.00 per patient.  Warm water immersion provides an atmosphere of relaxation and buoyancy that has proven to be an effective method of reducing the need for medical intervention.  Here are some compelling reasons to invest in warm water immersion through reimbursement of the portable tub.

Reimbursement for the rental of a portable tub is the most effective and cost efficient means to reduce medications and drug intervention during labor.

Thank you.

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