Letters from Rebecca


January 1999
Dear friends, clients, students:

Whether a thought is attractive or unattractive to the personal mind, a healthy being learns to treat every thought with the same loving acceptance.  Each thought becomes fuel to reunite the being with the spirit.

A thought sparks to life, creating a small explosion from the mind--a bubble of energy known as a thoughtform.  In a healthy energy field, the thoughtform waves through the being, communicating freely with each welcoming cell and open chakra.  There's little or no resistance in the being because there's no preference to one thought over another.  It's been given up.  The being has realized that in order to remain in spiritual balance, each thought must be given up fully.

The cells are so flexible, the chakras so receptive that the thoughtform becomes a single impulse that hums through the entire being.  The thoughtform grows beyond the form of the human body, an ever expanding bubble, then pops at the outer layer of the auric field, dissipating the thoughtform back into pure love and light.  The wave unites the energy field and harmonizes it.  Each thought is fully expressed and fully dispersed, a neutral space between creation and destruction.   Spiritual balance!  The being feels enlightened, at peace, and free as long as it expresses itself fully.

We create by expressing a thought to the universe fully and we destroy by expressing a thought to the universe fully.  It's the same process.    The only difference is whether we intend to create/attract or whether we intend to destroy/release.  As we practice, even that distinction fades.  The healthy being remains open and the same, simultaneously creating and destroying.   Just as the inbreath and the outbreath unite with practice, so do creation and destruction.  One replaces the other, free of differences.  We evolve easily.

"I free my being...I accept all thoughts equally.    I express all thoughts fully." 

To spiritual freedom in the New Year!




The Self is Consciousness

September 1998
Dear friends, clients, students:

"Chaitanyam Atma" means "The Self is Consciousness." The moment I chanted the words, I felt waves of deep bliss emanating through my being that lasted 12 hours unceasing, unequaled to any feeling I've had before. My mind rested, present yet absent. I felt infinite. Then I let some mundane thing distract me.

You know the saying: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. After this incredible experience, my ego got active and then it reacted. Newton's Law took over. You could call it bliss backlash. My mind was scared. "I hate feeling out of control. How did that happen? I didn't make that happen." My true being resounded from its depths, "I've been creating this for years."

Then things got noisy in my head. Part of me wanted the bliss back NOW. I felt angry it stopped and disappointed that I got the 12 hour version instead of the one that lasts forever. I took up battle against myself. Rebellion ignited, I barreled into the mantra and found, to my surprise, that it resonated through me much better when I said it in English.

The scared part didn't want to chant ever again. Instead of "Repeat the mantra," the mind scolded, "Stay away from that! You have work to do." It implied danger and unproductiveness as excuses. Lies. It sounded like me playing my mother.

The mind is very, very tricky. It creates diversions and busyness and distracts me from my spiritual practice. I know that getting things done from a place of bliss is effortless. I also know that my mind and my spirit aren't really separate. How to disengage from this internal war? I need signs: "Caution: Karma clearing!" I put post-its up in places where I can't miss them to remind myself that I get to choose my state of being at all times. They say, "The Self is Consciousness." I see the words and my heart giggles. I feel heaven. Even my mind enjoys the way I've disarmed it. Life is simple again. My mind will adjust to bliss.

May you reside in the bliss of your Self.



Emotions in Motion

May 1998
Dear friends, clients, students:

Healthy emotions are energy in motion. Moving emotions make healthy energy fields. All emotions contain the same particles of energy, the same prana. Itís time to recycle yourself if your love and light particles feel thick or sticky, or if your fears become so big that theyíre mistaken for evil. Itís all the same energy, not bad nor good, just tight or loose. Let that energy loose again. Recycle those thoughtforms!

Let your face be free and beautiful when you cry instead of scrunching it tight. Your emotions and toxins want out! Why fight yourself? Focus lightly where spirit opens the mind at the third eye. Invite stale thoughts to move out gracefully with the outbreath. Meditate with a floating mind so the emotions can express themselves as they see fit.

Give up resistance. Pain equals resistance. Avoiding an emotion strengthens its pattern of resistance and then amplifies its power over you. Sigh. Surrender. Let your spirit dive into pain. Light absorbs shadow. You might feel the tightness of resistance alternate with the bliss of the flow. Weíve all heard "laughing and crying at the same time." Resistance can alternate with flow.

Let the observer part of you watch emotions pass through your field as though you were a member of the audience at a play or a sporting event. Thank your light show for moving towards health. To prevent getting stuck in seemingly endless thoughts and emotions, take note of them. Remind yourself to be. Be the observer watching the moment.

Even rage becomes sweet when the mind holds a loose rein, the anger transforming itself from intense heat and darkness to rosy, billowing clouds, and then back into neutral particles again. The energy in its optimal state might be saying, "I love my Self. I take care of my Self. Iím true to my Self and my path."

Happy recycling!



Spiritual Tools

January 1998
Dear friends, clients, students:

What do you do when you go off course, when you lose sight of hope, when you get distracted and can't focus?

Find a tool. When we think of tools, our mind says, "Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers." Train your mind to think of spiritual tools, the things that reset your system easily. Make a list of these tools and hang it up on the bathroom mirror if that's what it takes for you to remember yourself.

What's in your spiritual toolbox? I've got hundreds of crystals, selected chants on CD, Reiki, my guides, aromatherapy, a massage table in a pyramid, meditation, prayer, a short nap, a good night's sleep, a fountain, my dogs, a husband to remind me, sage to burn, spiritual passages to reread, friends to call. That's my support system. Those are my tools.

Spiritual tools are those things that bring you back to your path without effort. Sometimes the familiarity of a crystal or a song brings you back instantly to the moment of clarity you experienced in relationship with that object. Sometimes it takes more time, love and patience with yourself. And more tools. On a really bad day, the movie "Michael" reassures me of synchronicity and of a caring universe.

Remember an uplifting relationship, a wonderful event or an image of nature to restore you to your true nature. Contemplate a picture of a spiritual master or visualize God/Goddess/All-That-ls in your mind's eye. Inform your cells about your spiritual experience so that the thoughtforms can educate your entire body. "This is how it is now. So be it!" Let the energy of your thoughts expand your aura in all directions. Meditative breathing is a simple way of spreading good news through your entire being.

My New Year's wish for us all: To know ourselves and to know our tools well.

Happy New Year!

With love,



Spiritual Practice

Dear friends, clients, students:

Thank you all for your love, light and support. You have responded to my dream of a full time spiritual practice facilitating for clients and groups. I recognize your role in my success and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

A spiritual practice is one's personal path to enlightenment. The key word is practice. If discipline is a dirty word to you, then change the meaning of the word within your vocabulary. All it has to mean is repetition. Repetition in your spiritual practice means building a smooth road of reliability within your being for those times you really need it. The more times your walk your path, the smoother it becomes. Don't wait for an emergency. Make healthy habits. Practice sweet thoughts, meditation, breathing, grounding, invoking your higher self. Encourage yourself to grow and to expand. Let it be fun!

Consider the qualities of discipline in your spiritual practice to be soft, loving, flexible. Maybe you sense a high buzzing frequency around you or feel the love of the Goddess in your heart or recognize the archetype of the caring parent within yourself. If you get off track, remind yourself to refocus softly, easily. Train your mind gently like you would train a puppy. Why reprimand yourself for not meditating so many times a day for so many minutes? Give each thought permission to float away on your outbreath, even the thoughts you dislike. Just be with your breath. Allow your spiritual practice to become everyday, overflowing into your work, family and social life. Let your spirit expand beyond your meditation space and into your life!

Your spiritual practice is a way to love yourself in the way you deserve to be loved and to allow your essence to shine in the world. Sometimes the pain of resistance rears up when we begin to treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated. It's just the past releasing. Let those feelings drop out with a sigh.

With gratitude, love & blessings,


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