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Angel paintings by Karen Haughy

Chakra Synchronization
Recognize all your chakras as powerful healing centers and treat them equally.   Direct universal energy through all of your chakras at once to multiply your potential for spiritual healing.  Consciously connect them to encourage your many aspects to unite.  Join your chakras with one another to provide support within a group and to heal yourself in relationship with others.  Wonderful for relationship building and for exploring spiritual oneness.


Conscious Channeling:
Master teachers, angels & guides
Establish a reliable connection with your guidance through meditation and spiritual exercises that stimulate the throat and ear chakras.   We'll practice communicating verbally, through symbols and in writing, while maintaining a conscious awareness of the Self.  Enhance your spiritual awareness, increase your inner knowing and give readings to yourself and others in class.  Your guides want to love you and serve you.


Clairvoyant Reading & Healing
Learn simple meditations to develop your intuitive center of sight--the third eye. Perceive your energy field and others.  Distinguish color, texture, form, symbols & feelings.  Interpret your findings within the group.  Each student can have readings done during the workshop.


Creating Abundance through Meditation
Clearing Limitations
Release old habits and beliefs that block your path to abundance. Meditate into new ways of being that resonate with abundance in all aspects of your life.

Money as Energy
Play with the energy of money in meditation. Allow it to be an overflowing, balanced frequency in your energy field and in your life.

Clarity & Balance
Clarify what you need and desire in simple, positive terms. Release it to the universe in your meditations. Your clear intention creates a balanced reality.

Building your Dreams
Try on the energy of your goals and dreams. See how they fit you and your energy field. Draw their essence to you from the universe and ground them into physical being.


Crystals & Stones
Practice the ancient art of laying-on-of-stones. Direct healing energy through quartz crystals and learn the healing properties of minerals.Experience merging your energy field with crystals. Feel the characteristics of each stone to choose the perfect stones for your healing. Crystals and stones are also available for purchase.


Healing & Meditation Workshops
Breathing & Toning. Use breath and tone as tools to transform your life. Attract energy and release old patterns and habits. Loosen your breath and learn to resonate sound through the bone of your body for release and to expand your consciousness.

Hands & Color for Healing. Flow healing energy through your hands in one easy workshop. Use color to enhance the effects of healing hands. For rejuvenation, peace, pain relief and relaxation. A gift for you and your loved ones.

Energy Centers: Auras & Chakras. Experience your aura and chakras. Learn exercises to build your psychic sight and to trust your intuition. Meditations and healing tools provided to align your chakras and balance your aura.

Crystals & Stones. Explore quartz crystals & stones and how they can be used for healing and meditation. Direct healing energy through quartz crystals. Bring stones if you wish.

Angels & Guides. Meditations to deepen your relationship with angels & guides. Invoke angelic energies to assist you in personal transformation and to provide daily support.

Energizing your Environment & the Earth.Bless the earth and your environment. Use ritual and intention to create appropriate spaces that enhance meditation, sleep, work and relationships. Dissolve negativity and create the feelings you want, wherever you are.


Kundalini Meditations
Kundalini is the spiritual energy that lies dormant in the root chakra. Awakened kundalini unites all the chakras to balance in harmony and ecstasy. These meditations enhance integration of body/mind/spirit and provide a safe, gentle approach to clearing and opening your spiritual gateways.


Nurture a quiet, non-thinking space to allow old thoughts and patterns to arise and pass though your being gently. Release karma. The past moves out with the breath. The present moves in with the breath. Taking time and space for yourself to release blockages gives you direct access to the loving core of your being. Cultivate a reliable connection to your core, the Self. Access your Spirit and develop your capacity to love and to merge with love on the road to enlightenment.

The spiritual practice of meditation starts to blend into everyday life. It may feel as though one is always in the state of meditation. The side benefits are endless: a sense of oneness when working, living, playing; a clear mind; a sense of purpose, well-being and freedom; action instead of reaction; choice instead of obligation; emotional stability; relaxation and resonance within the physical body; spiritually based security; intuitive insights and developments such as clairvoyance, hearing guidance, healing hands and deep knowing.

It is important to note that meditation stimulates each individual in different ways to their unique potential. Intent plays a large factor in these blessings. Meditation as a spiritual practice ultimately frees our human aspect to unite with Spirit in unending bliss.


Meditations to Release Sexual Abuse
Release anger, hurt and fear using meditation as the tool for letting go of the past. Whether you've been raped, molested, assaulted or harassed, come transform your pain into soothing, loving energy. Men & women welcome.


Past Life Resolution
The karma of past life issues can block the ease of this lifetime and your path to enlightenment. Ideally, one stays focused on living this life and past life issues flow out easily, sometimes unnoticed, resolving themselves. If these issues integrate easily into your current life, that's wonderful. If they disturb your present life, you can do something about it. Maybe you're just curious about past lives and how to access them.

Symptoms of past life interference may include: feeling caught in past life issues; experiencing emotions that don't fit the present situation; dreaming of different times and identities; remembering details from other times.

Your past lives are there for you to release what no longer serves you and to integrate that which gives you love, power and encouragement on your spiritual path.


Pendulums for Guidance
Learn to dowse with the pendulum to divine information and wisdom. Communicate with your guides, find energy lines & centers, balance the chakras-all with the assistance of the pendulum. Pendulums provided for workshop use.

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